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Philosophy to Sustainable Tourism - Tanzania Safaris Packages Services

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Our Philosophy

Sustainable Tourism Tanzania Safari Packages

Tanzania Safaris Packages Services operate under our conservation philosophy break down into ten rules on Safari, staff and clients MUST obey. All People of the World presently and future would be very grateful and appreciable if you would obey our preservative doctrine of Eco – Tourism while travelling with Tanzania Safaris Packages Services.

Rule One
Respect the frailty of these Wildernesses. If you won’t be willing to help in Preservation, these unique and beautiful destinations would NOT be here for future generations to enjoy.

Rule Two
Take only photographs leave only footprints. Don’t litter around the Parks, No graffiti, do not take away any object found around in Nature areas and in historical sites.

Rule Three
Do not take photos to other people before asking for their permission. Respect dignity and privacy of others.

Rule Four
Educate yourself about Geography, Culture, Customs, behaviors and manners of the destination you visit. This will make your Safari more joyful and enjoyable.

Rule Five
Buying products made from endangered plants or animals, such as Ivory, Tortoise shell, animal hides and feathers are prohibited, so don’t do that.

Rule Six
Do not disturb animals by throwing objects to awake or to provoke them. Always follow the designated tracks and Roads.

Rule Seven
Be a supporter and a conservationist in Preserving African Nature. Don’t be just a partaker.

Rule Eight
Encourage others to obey the rules & Regulations that govern these areas, encourage other drivers to stop engines when parked.

Rule Nine
Patronize those hotels, airlines, resorts, cruise lines, and tour operators who advance power and environmental conservation.

Rule Ten
Expect the best Safari from Tanzania Safaris Packages Services and never the least of your expectations. If you make these wishes, we’ll try our best to confirm it.

Rule Eleven
Feedback is recommended, please during safari or after safari report anything as a reward or anything that went wrong so we can fix it immediately.

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