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Arusha Town; The headquarterr of East African and Tanzania Safaris Destinations - Tanzania Safaris Packages Services

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Arusha town is located in the northern highland parts of Tanzania, just beneath the twin peaks of Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro. Arusha is the safari capital of the country, which means that guests commencing on the popular northern circuit safari sites. In addition to a wealth of stunning natural attractions, Tanzania has towns and cities that make vibrant and fascinating stops, with plenty to see and do. Tanzania’s past as a major trading route comes to life in these cities with many of Tanzania’s coastal cities being founded as port towns from which valuable goods were exported by dhow.

Africa’ to prepare for their journeys into the African bush. From its two-lane streets, the dramatic crater of Mt Meru stands over the town like a majestic sentinel, its crater strewn with thick clouds, its slopes dark with verdant forest. Arusha’s ideal location near the major national parks and its highland setting make it a peaceful idyll of relaxation before the start of an exciting journey. Built by the Germans as a centre for colonial administration in the early 20th Century, Arusha was a sleepy town with a garrison stationed at the Old Boma and a few shops around a grassy roundabout. From its backwater status amidst the farmlands and plantations of northern Tanzania, today Arusha is one of the country’s most prosperous towns. The site for the United Nations Criminal Tribunal on the Rwandan Genocide and the headquarters for the Tripartite Commission for East African Co-operation, Arusha is a major centre of Tanzanian diplomacy and international relations.

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